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The dance style of salsa has a very rich history. As with just about any dance style, salsa dancing was created as a real evolution of dance in general. It is a style that is practiced around the world but is rooted in Latin culture. It is best associated with some tremendous Latin vibes that get people on the dance floor and really having a tremendous time.

Starting With the Music

There would be no salsa dancing without salsa music. Without the creation of the music itself, there would have been no dance cultivated to jive with the great sounds that were being created. Though it has never been fully confirmed, the general belief is that salsa music originated in Cuba. The sounds of salsa music began first to be heard in the 1930s in areas of the United States, especially New York.

During this time period, there was a lot of unrest in the Caribbean, specifically in Cuba and Puerto Rico. The belief is that many of those who emigrated to the U.S., many of them ending up in New York, brought their rhythms and music with them. The combination of this culture and the music being heard in the U.S. blended together to become what is known as salsa music today. The first time salsa was created as a term was in the year 1933 when a composer named Ignacio Pinerio wrote a song named Echale Salsita.

Putting Dance Steps to the Music

Salsa music is absolutely infectious. When you hear the Latin rhythms, they make the majority of individuals just want to get up and start dancing and have a great time. The salsa dance was created to put dance steps and movements to the music that great artists at the time were creating.

The origin of salsa dancing is believed to be a result of the Hispanic culture. It is a combination of many musical styles and dances including things such as the Rhumba and the Charanga. There is really no one country that can be credited for the start of salsa dancing. It really was a creation of individuality and creativity among people who look to put dance steps to the great vibes the music brings out of people. The end result is a salsa dance that continues to evolve to this very day.

Salsa dancing is an absolutely beautiful style of dance. The salsa dance itself is going to actually vary from culture to culture where you go to seek it out. The diversity of the dance is what makes it so truly unique. Salsa dance is really a dance that was created by different cultures and individuals around the world who wanted to get on their toes and make the most of the dance floor underneath them. The end result of this is a dance that we continue to enjoy, practice, and evolve with each passing generation of dancers.