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Latin Hustle Dance

There are so many dance styles out there that it is quite easy for a few to fall between the cracks. One of those styles is the hustle. When compared to styles such as salsa, foxtrot, and waltz, the hustle often gets overshadowed by other big-name dance styles. The reason for this is quite a mystery, but dance classes at Arthur Murray – South Jacksonville are helping bring back the hustle and show its tremendous spirit to the entire world.

Latin hustle dance or just hustle dance style dates back many years and has a rich history. It has been featured on hit dancing television shows such as Dancing with the Stars, giving it some mainstream attention. It is one of those dance styles that offers a great deal of freedom and creativity, not really restricting the participants into a regimented step-process. For this reason, it is no secret why the hustle is seen by those who know it well as one of the most enjoyable dances to perform. Let’s take a closer look at its history and some of the basics around it.

Looking at the History of the Hustle

The original hustle dance style made its debut back in the very early 1970s. The dance style debuted as a dance with a 5-step count and no turns at all. Though it has never been confirmed, the general consensus is that it as originally created in the Bronx, New York. It took many forms since it originally debuted, including forming the Spanish Hustle in the middle of the 1970s, and later the Latin Hustle.

The big claim to fame for the hustle dance style came later in the 1970s. The dance style had morphed into what was known as the New York Hustle and was featured quite heavily in the movie Saturday Night Fever in 1977. It was at this time that the dance style truly started to take the world by storm. Following the release of Saturday Night Fever, the hustle began to fall back a bit in the pecking order of dances, until more recently, when it started to be revived once again.

Understanding the Basics Behind the Hustle Dance

The hustle is not the most complicated dance in the world. For this reason alone, the dance is quite accessible to both beginners and experts in the dance scene. The hustle dance is based on a rhythm a great deal, meaning that you have to follow along with the music to stay in sync. The majority of the time the hustle is done to a 4/4 or 3/4 music set. The six-beat pattern for the hustle, once mastered, can open the doors for some very fun and enjoyable dancing on the floor.

The best way to get the basics of the hustle down is to start with a dance lesson. There are instructors in the Jacksonville South, FL area who are experts at teaching people just like you. They will be able to help give you the confidence in getting down the initial steps so that you can progress forward in your dancing.

Common Moves of the Hustle

There are some very common or basic steps to the hustle. The most basic moves include things such as the 180-degree turns of the dance. This is when a 180-degree turn is performed and taken between a 2 and 3 count, followed by what is known as a rock step. This can be done in both a right turn or counterclockwise with a left turn.

The side break is another common hustle step. This is when the leader of the couple will send his or her partner out while holding his or her left hand. The move is completed when the lead picks the partner back up. In this same light is the wheel move, which is a double-handed hold move for the couple. The idea is to pump your arms and rotate clockwise in a wheel fashion 180 degrees to complete the motion.

Dancing the hustle is a great deal of fun. The dance style, which is often forgotten, is starting to be revived thanks to a renewed interest in ballroom dancing. The dance style that swept the country in the 1970s is as great today as it was back then. Knowing a bit of its history and its basic moves can give you a good baseline to jump off of to start to take the dance on and enjoy everything it has to offer.