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Do you think of dance lessons as a couples-only activity? Well, we’re here to let you know that you don’t have to have a dance partner to take lessons! Group dance classes are perfect for individuals (and couples) who prefer a group setting over a private one.

Group dance classes offer many benefits including the chance to connect with and learn from other dance students, more affordable price points, and even the chance to become a better dancer. Learn more about group dance lessons and come join us!

Benefits of Group Dance Classes

Build Social Connections

We think one of the best parts about group dance lessons is how social they are. In group dance lessons, you’ll get the chance to dance and interact with several different students. Group dance lessons are a great way to make new friends and build new social connections. Who knows—you could even make a love connection!

More Affordable

Group dance lessons cost less than private dance lessons. Group dance lessons can be a great addition to your dance lesson package. Because you share the studio and instructor with multiple different students, group dance lessons are generally offered at a lower rate than private dance lessons.

Learn From Others

Taking group dance lessons means there are plenty of opportunities to learn. Sometimes another dance student can help you learn a step or skill, or give a fresh perspective in addition to what the dance instructor has taught. Group lessons mean you have access to many teachers!

Have Fun

There’s just something about the dynamic and energy of learning to dance with other individuals. Everyone builds confidence together while learning new dance steps. There really is a sense of camaraderie that comes from taking group dance lessons.

Become a Better Dancer

Being exposed to multiple dance partners can help you become a better dancer. You’ll learn how to adapt to different types of dancers and won’t get stuck in a rut by doing the same old steps. New partners can challenge and inspire you.

Try a group dance class today! You’ll build confidence, make new friends, learn how to dance, and have a lot of fun!

Old Couple dancing
Dancing classes

Arthur Murray – Jacksonville South has amazing group class promotions for new and established students happening during the month of August: New Students:

$15 per person for all new students!

Established Students: Share this Facebook post on your personal page and help us build these classes up!

AWARD for most guests and AWARD for filling all classes with 15 people in 90 days…(Live Band and Food Party with Camera Crew) Top Guest getter will get a video of their dancing shot in Anamorphic Cinema to showcase them and 10 PRIVATE LESSONS from AJ for your video if we also hit the 15 people per class in 90 days. THIS IS A GREAT MEMORY AND PROMOTION FOR YOU!

You’ve got nothing to lose and plenty to gain!