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Discover the Amazing Benefits of Dancing

Arthur Murray® dance students gain many benefits through becoming better dancers. The benefits of dance include a sharper mind, a healthy body, improved balance and flexibility, better connection, stress reduction, and a brighter mood and outlook towards life.

Two rocknroll dancers

Exercise & Physical Fitness

Ballroom dance is a low-impact activity. This makes it accessible to people of any age or fitness level. With less emphasis on “going for the burn” and more on having fun; weight loss, improved circulation, and aerobic conditioning emerges as a wonderful side effect.

With the pressures of job, family, and social
obligations tugging us in so many directions; it’s more and more difficult to find time for exercise. Maybe that’s why Americans are struggling with their weight and health more than ever.

It’s no secret that moderate exercise and sensible eating habits are the keys to remaining trim and fit. However, the thought of spending thirty minutes on a treadmill, or jogging around the block five times is out of the question for many of us. Dancing works like a stress and tension reducer. For people on a hectic schedule, it can become a passion that helps you improve their mood and increase their confidence in both social and business

That’s what makes dance the ideal exercise! After all, dancing is a mild aerobic workout, minus the boring part! When you take dance lessons, you make exercise a fun and enjoyable social event, every night of the week. Your dance “workout” takes place with pleasant music and everyone’s in a good mood. It’s fun!

couple dancing bambo


Ballroom dancing is as romantic as it is enjoyable!! For years the world’s greatest romantics have known the best way to a lady’s heart is to sweep her across the dance floor. Holding, touching, and moving to the music is the most romantic skill any couple can add to their lives. Think of all the countless number of relationships that would have never started without the world’s best ice breaker — “May I have this dance”.

The romantic properties of dance are a secret that all good dancers enjoy. For men, being able to recognize which dance the band is playing and having confidence in your ability to walk across the floor and ask a lady to dance is a social prerequisite. Ladies will always be in demand as a partner once they master grace and poise, styling, and the all-important following skills.

Plus, dancing can help keep two people together. After years of marriage, new excitement can be found together on the dance floor. It’s a “shot in the arm”. It encourages the spark of romance for stressed-out, tension-plagued people. It’s great for keeping a marriage interesting and long-lasting. When surveyed, more women said they would prefer a night of dancing to flowers or chocolates for St. Valentine’s Day.

Other Benefits

Arthur Murray® dance students gain many benefits through becoming better dancers. Listed below are the most frequently listed of these benefits.

  • More fun and enjoyment out of social life
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Meeting people and making new friends
  • Better health and physical benefits
  • Social ease
  • Exercise
  • Making a special person happy
  • Enjoying and attending more parties
  • Business reasons
  • Acquiring more grace and poise
  • Overcoming shyness
  • Relieving stress
  • Standing out on the dance floor
  • Never again saying no to a dance invitation
  • Recreation or entertainment
  • Relaxation

To assist your instructor in personalizing your foundation program and future ballroom dance lessons, please think about the most important benefits for you.

The benefits of dance include a sharper mind, a healthy body, improved balance and flexibility, better connection, and a brighter mood and outlook toward life.

One of the great benefits of learning to dance at the Arthur Murray® Schools of Dance is that your dancing will last a lifetime. It is always yours to continue and enjoy.

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