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Seal 100 Years

Dance Lessons for All

When you decide to learn to dance in Jacksonville, FL at Arthur Murray Dance Studio - Jacksonville, you will have one of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences of your life. At our studio, we offer a variety of dance programs and dance classes for dancers of all levels and backgrounds. Our instructors are highly skilled and experienced and ready to impart their knowledge to you. We guarantee that you will receive the finest dance instruction at our dance center. Whether you want to learn how to dance for your wedding or you want to learn how to dance competitively, our studio is the place to be. For more than 100 years, our studio has been taking dancers to the next level. See what we are all about today, and your first lesson is on us.

Our Dance Lesson Offerings

Our team believes in providing a comprehensive dance experience, which is why we offer private lessons, group classes, and practice sessions for you to attend. The dance experience is like no other and offers many benefits to everyone who partakes, no matter what age you are. At our studio, we believe that learning to dance allows you to experience physical, mental, and spiritual benefits.

Private Lessons

Our private lessons include one-on-one instruction from one of our talented dance teachers. You will receive personalized instruction that will help you achieve your ballroom dancing goals. We will teach you technique, styling, and ways to improve your lead or following skills. Throughout our sessions, we will keep a record of your lessons to ensure that you receive consistent and up-to-date instruction each week.

Group Classes

Our group classes are a vital addition to your private instruction. These classes give you the opportunity to dance with various different partners in order to develop excellent dance habits and to meet other students. During group sessions, our instructors emphasize technique, style, and patterns.

Practice Sessions

Another crucial part of your dance journey is getting out there and socializing with other instructors and dancers. Our practice sessions, or dance parties, take place on a bi-weekly basis in a comfortable and relaxed environment. These practice sessions allow you to practice the skills you have learned and mingle with other dancers of all skill levels.

Become the Dancer of Your Dreams

When you choose our dance center to learn and practice your dancing skills, you will not be disappointed. Our team works relentlessly to meet our student’s needs and to get them where they want to be. Our class offerings are comprehensive, meaning we have instruction for dancers of all skill levels. We are a facility that capitalizes on teaching our students the skills and knowledge they need to be the dancer they have always dreamed of being. We will teach you different dance styles and the benefits of dancing. You will have the experience of a lifetime at our dance studio. Reach out to us today to learn more about how you can learn to dance today.

Your First Lesson Is Free

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Your First Lesson Is Free